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International contracts refer to a legally binding agreement between parties, based in different countries, in which they are obligated to do or not do certain things. Most businesses create contracts in writing to make the terms of agreement clear, often seeking legal consultation when preparing important contracts or memorandum of understandings.


Since the articles of the contracts clarify the obligations and rights of the parties in the contract, it is highly important to define articles very carefully and within the limitations of the International Law.


The disputes that may arise from the contract must be predicted even before signing the contracts, to avoid legal disputes from the initial stages.


ONGUR&PARTNERS offers legal services on drafting international contracts, and evaluation of the legal framework of the contracts according to each type of contract which will be aimed to formed.  With it is partner law offices and attorneys around the globe, ONGUR&PARTNERS offer qualified legal services to the parties planning to finalization of international contracts.






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